ILU Philosophy


The International Leadership University is an alliance of universities in Africa that are committed to common vision, mission, values, and academic standards, as well as related collaboration of resources and expertise.

The International Leadership University is an evangelical Christian institution, whose philosophy consists of the CCCI Statement of Faith. Christian spiritual values form the foundation of all the objects, functions and, programs of the University. The determination of curriculum; the selection of students, lecturers, and administrators; the requirements for graduation; the character expectations of staff, students, administrators, and lecturers; and the means used for funding and development, are based on biblical values.

ILU develops faculty that share in the mission and ideals of not only offering theological, counseling and leadership education, but also involvement in practical ministry. ILU faculty are encouraged to demonstrate the depth of intellect and Christ-centered humility necessary for molding faith and character through the power of the Holy Spirit. They are committed to societal transformation as they model academic and professional excellence, a typical expression of their faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

ILU is committed to developing theologically informed leaders for church and the market place. The commitment is to not only develop leaders for Christian ministry through the church and its communities but to also equip professionals for effective ministry and leadership in their spheres of vocation and influence. Lawyers are equipped to understand how to understand justice and its administration from a biblical perspective. Business people are equipped in the Christian ethics of business. In other words, Christians are equipped to use their professional platforms for ministry and leadership toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. In the light of this, ILU seeks to offer degrees that are accredited and marketable in the public domain as opposed to seminary degrees that limit graduates to ministry and service in Christian communities.

The management of ILU institutions focuses on self-sustainability. The goal is for the educational and leadership development services to more than pay for themselves such that the institutions are increasingly self-sustaining.


The vision of the university is to be “a world-class university for advancing biblical values through academic excellence and transformational leadership.”


The mission of the University is “to educate and train Christ-like visionary leaders to spearhead holistic transformation in Africa and the world.” This mission is expounded in the following statements:

Purpose Statement

The purpose of the University is to educate and train men and women in order to equip them to provide leadership to the Church and society based on biblical priorities, and to spearhead spiritual, social and cultural transformation in Africa and the world.

Business Statement

The International Leadership University is a non-profit institution, committed to offering quality education, which is self-sustainable.


Dependence on God: Seeking God’s guidance and trusting Him in all endeavors.

Passion for the Great Commission: Captivation to make obedient Disciples of Christ in all educational and training endeavors.

Moral Integrity: A biblical lifestyle and practice of honesty, justice, and righteousness.

Biblical Stewardship: Responsible, fair and transparent use of resources, gifts, and talents.

Passion for Excellence: Pursuit of the highest standards of performance in teaching and learning, research, practical ministry, governance and delivery of services.

Contextual Relevance: Commitment and pursuit of biblically consistent relevance to the Church and society.


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